What is prevention?

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What is prevention?

Prevention is a proactive process that creates, promotes and reinforces healthy behaviors and lifestyles that empower individuals and entire communities to meet life’s challenges.

Prevention doesn’t define good health as only the absence of disease. Prevention is also about helping people develop a joyful, positive attitude about life.

Prevention also touches every stage of life and many aspects of it. Today’s communities face many challenges — including violence, drug abuse, crime and illness. Those problems, and the long-term damage they can cause, can be prevented with appropriate education and intervention.

In Colorado, we strive to implement prevention strategies and practices that are evidence-based and delivered through the Strategic Prevention Framework. This delivery model is designed to accommodate the development of thoughtful strategic plans that carefully assess:

– population needs,
– resources and gaps,
– and a target demographic’s ability to mobilize and increase in strength.

The framework also includes continual evaluation of practices and policies to sustain effective prevention efforts and improve prevention strategies.

The State of Colorado’s Community Prevention Programs staff provides technical assistance to prevention providers, organizations and Coloradans working in the field of prevention. We invite you to learn more about prevention in Colorado from our state’s Department of Human Services.