Get Started

icon5After you have reviewed the application requirements, we hope you’ll head to the CCPS Application Center, where you can begin the process of securing a Colorado Certified Prevention Specialist credential.

The Application Center is structured to help you submit an application online in three easy steps:

Step 1:

Complete all information in each section of the application. The system will present a green box to indicate that you have answered all questions adequately. You will not be able to move on to Step 2 until all questions are answered.

Step 2:

Once all your information is complete, you will be prompted to provide verification for the various required areas. There are various methods to provide verification, including uploading applicable documentation, and email verification. The system will prompt you to provide all the verification necessary. Once all the verification has been received, you will move on to the final step of application processing.

Step 3:

Your completed application will be sent to the Colorado Certification Board for a decision on acceptance and final approval. You will be contacted by the online system administrator if there is any more information necessary to enable a board decision.


Visit the Application Center

Individuals in the process of renewing their credential should contact for access to the Certemy system.